1. Cloudy summery days in the Alps.

    Valtournenche | D3100 - 35mm

  2. Holidays to Sardinia - life in a sail boat, not gonna lie, we loved it.

    La Caletta | D3100 35mm + 18-135mm

  3. DREAM TEAM @ Cafe Murano Restaurant

    Staff Party

    Shoreditch, London | D3100 18-135mm

  4. With Carmine and Domenico, flatmates, roommates, kitchenmates, lovely friends. This was this winter as well.

    London - D3100 18-135mm

  5. This was last December in Valtournenche. I feel like I left the camera on the desk for the whole season but seeing these photos now was good and I found them quite good so… why not to publish them now!

    Valtournenche | D3100 - 35mm 1.8



  7. mandorlabg:

    I could sail around the ocean
    to the shore line of Japan.
    Cut through every city
    and every foreign land.
    Run away from all, as fast as I can
    but no matter where I go,
    no matter where I go, there I am.
    There I am.

    I could fly down the streets and some fast and fancy car
    kiss everyone that…



  9. A foggy day in London town – in pictures


  10. Life on board an Antarctic research vessel – in pictures

  12. Looking for a placement in Tower Hamlets, East London. 

  13. Dunno who at Astor Hyde Park Hostel.

  14. Vauxhall, London

    You know what… Most of the londoners travel by bike and most of them never saw such a thing.

  15. Daftside - Random Access Memories Memories